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A young television journalist uncovers a shocking, diabolical plot. Everything she believed in, even her own life, has been a lie.

Alyson Westlake has enjoyed an idyllic life. Raised by loving parents in a home of wealth and privilege, nothing was ever beyond her grasp. She lives well, dresses well, dines well. She is a successful television anchor woman who lives with an equally successful advertising executive. Alyson has never questioned the quality of her life. Why should she?


Then, a strange man named Russell shakes the foundation of her world. He's poor. He works at a menial job, lives in a trailer, wears inexpensive and ill-fitting clothes. At first, his peculiar look and manner frighten her. But when he claims to be her twin brother separated at birth, she scoffs, considering the very idea ridiculous and dismisses him as a harmless eccentric.   

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