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"GATES OF MERCY" is a coming of age story involving families dealing with the real life drama of the 60s missile crisis.  Growing up with the possibility of nuclear war at their doorsteps, with the preparations of private bunkers.


Produced by: Allen Kool

Directed by: Allen Kool

Written by: Robin E. Crozier

Executive Producers: Michael A. Charbon

                                     Allen Kool

                                     Yaseen Lachporia

                                     Robert Wertheimer

Edited by: Andrew C. Brown

Director of Photography: John Holosko csc

Sound Design by: Hayward Parrott

Casting by: Lisa Parasyn

Additional Casting by: Elle bernardo

Associate Producers: Jen Scott

Assistant Camera Operator: Declan Rintoul

Head Hair Stylist: Sheri LeBlanc

Make Up: Sara Case

Special Effects Pyros: James Sled

Stunt Coordinator: Wayne Wells

Assistant to the Producer: Madison Dubay

Assistant to the Producer: Fern Pridham

Head Carpenter: Jeff Palmer

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