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FEZ is a series of self-contained vignette pieces of thought provoking, mind escape fantasy. It presents the viewer with unremarkable human happen stances, and then suddenly has a twist that delves into the surreal. With limited dialogue, the series speaks in stylized pictures, painting ordinary instances and places in a different realm by amplifying them into dreamlike hallucinogenic suggestive scenarios. It takes mundane everyday actions of life’s opportunities, circumstances and familiar places and asks that silent question. It can challenge morals, or show the results of decisions made for good or bad. To do the right thing or nothing at all. It is about the choices we make before we act. FEZ confronts our two human voices of conscience that exists within our unspoken mind. Is it right or is it wrong, should we help or walk away? Should we dare take advantage, should we give in to desire, greed or opportunity at the cost of another ? Can we get away with it and live with the decision after? FEZ asks moral questions of choices that we are presented with every day. With creative cinematic messaging stylized lighting, dynamic editing and music, FEZ harkens back to the early days of film where pictures spoke an international language through imaginings.

FEZ, was Created by Michael A. Charbon

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