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Produced by: Allen Kool

Directed by: Allen Kool

                      Yaseen Lachporia


Written by: Robin E. Crozier, Jen Scott

and Jeffrey Pfeifer

Executive Producers: Michael A. Charbon

                                     Allen Kool

                                     Yaseen Lachporia

Edited by: Andrew C. Brown

Sound Design by: Hayward Parrott

Casting by: Lisa Parasyn

Researchers: Jeffrey Pfeifer, James Giles

Associate Producers: Jen Scott, Jeffrey Pfeifer

Assistant Camera Operator: Declan Rintoul

Head Hair Stylist: Sheri LeBlanc

Make Up: Sara Case

Special Effects Pyros: James Sled

Stunt Coordinator: 

NOOSE - The Hangman's Tale

A documentary series, based on true accounts.

The Hangman’s Tale, each episode delves into a chilling recounting of executions carried out in Canada during the early 19th century.

On July 14th 1976 the House of Commons voted 130 to 124 to abolish the death penalty in Canada. The narrow vote, under the Trudeau government, put an official end to 109 years of capital punishment in Canada. During this period, 1532 people stood in the prisoner’s dock in courtrooms throughout the country and listened as a judge placed a black cap on his head and sentenced them to hang by the neck until dead.some of these were eventually commuted. 702 people were unable to escape the gallows, and departed this world at the end of a rope. There were eleven women, 691 men of all ages ranging from 16-to 73 years of age. With only one exception all were convicted of murder. The death penalty could only be imposed for three crimes (Rape, Murder, Treason). Only one man was executed for Treason. Executions took place in every province except Newfoundland.

Our stories are those of the Men and Women executed between 1867 and 1923.


"NOOSE" The Hangman’s Tale


Copyright 2024 Akoolfilm Company Inc.

Supporting Cast: to Date:

Charlot Daysh

Felipe Aukai

Lawrene Denkers

Rick Amsbury

Olivia Hammond

Scott Yallop

Jen Scott

John Bullen

Don Van galen

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