The recently lensed feature length movie “The Sanctuary” is in actual fact a pilot for a six part made-for-TV series entitled “NEVER OVER”. The film “sets’ the table” with the thematic thread of a voyage of evil and treachery with the trapping of those who would do evil, being entrapped by like bodies. Where two people travel like gypsies from city to city to a new town and settle in like “normal” people…..with the hanging question of… what really is normal ? The trail of mysterious occurrences takes a thematic thread of the film as close behind is “The Law” digesting the facts and entrails of disaster left by these travelers, who disappear into the wind one more time. You will never look at new neighbours the same again. With six locations and six compelling stories that twist and challenge the mind, each exists as a stand-alone piece. It is not required to see the film to understand the series. These engaging mind bending challenging stories take the viewer on a voyage of what if. As you finish one,… you have to see where these people surface again and how they morph into the next iteration of their existence to inflict their terror and mayhem on mortal man in a completely new scenario. …. as Evil Begets Evil,…. The story continues.